women from another century

 This beautiful painting is part of the three-piece series "Women from another century @ Berlin"
 by the French street artist, photographer and video artist YZ.
In her works ancient greek heroines meet the femme fatale of the early 1920ies on decaying walls of the present
 thus linking the ephemeral materiality of history to floating concepts of feminity.

What is especially interesting in this case is the choice of the wall:
it is part of the patio of the historic Clärchens Ballhaus, an old dance café that opened in 1913
and was run by Clara Bühler after her husband died in WWII.
Otto Dix, Alfred Döblin, Heinrich Zille and other artists used to meet there
while the Berlin upper class danced at the famous Spiegelsaal.

Last year, Open Walls published an interview with YZ on women from another century at Paris
and last week Brooklyn Street Art posted all three of their Berlin sisters.

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