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German Gemütlichkeit

in a Russian restaurant


Sunday Travel to Kolomenskoye (Moscow/Russia)

A couple of weeks ago I traveled Russia and also spent some time in Moscow; still one of the busiest and most multifaceted cities I have ever seen. In many regards this journey has been different and yet more special than any of my previous ones - at a time when everyday life was (and still is) overshadowed by the ongoing political tensions, when everyone tries to understand (often in vain) what is going on and why, and when everything beautiful is even more precious than it ever was.

I was very glad to begin our stay with a little visit to Kolomenskoye, a former (and rebuilt) royal estate amidst a large park landscape south east of the inner city: I have been there before but never appreciated the tranquility and piece of this quiet spot so much as this time.

The most magical moment at this green island came to pass when a bell ringer stroke up a wonderful chime at the nearby belltower of the church of St. George. All park visitors stopped in passing to listen: they leaned at the historical balkonies, sat in the grass or simply stood arm in arm in complete silence. It was as if time stood still for one peaceful moment in which the chime's music weaved an invisible bond between all these people.

Little Lucy no 24: swimming pool

I thought I'm over it

U6 Rehberge: time travel

Raum für Freiraum

Another wordplay: Raum für Freiraum.
One of the German words for freedom, 'Freiraum', translates into 'free space' - so the words asks for 'space for free space'.

we worship fish

In German it is just a tiny 'i' that separates 'we offer' (wir bieten an) and 'we worship' (wir beten an).