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Back after a little break: with a new domain - after some trouble with the old one - but with the well-known little things, urban dreams, and visual stories from everywhere.
Today from Innsbruch (Austria), where I have been to an incredibly funny and interesting exhibition on language and dialects that also displayed a number of German misheard lyrics - well known traditionals as "Agathe Bauer" (I've got the power) as well as lesser known 'translations' such as "Joe, der Bus ist voll" (Chorando se foi).

My favourite: "Pure Creme mit Schokolade und Aldi Limonade" ("pure creme with chocolate and Aldi lemonade")
misheard from Aventura's "Obsession"
(to listen to the songs, just click on the links below).

California Dreamin'
Laura non c'è
(I just) Died in your arms
Laura non c'è
Just hold me
Chorando se foi
Un movimiento sensual

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