child of fortune

One of the greatest German words is: "Glückskind" 
which translates into "child of fortune."

The colorful writing on that grey wall amidst the even greyer damp snow instantly caught my eye and thought today: What makes you a "Glückskind"?
When thinking about that question, quite a few beautiful things and memories came to my mind, related to all sorts of things in my life from family and friends to music and singing, from traveling to photographing, from work to writing (so that painting actually fulfilled its purpose of making the passersby happy, I guess).

Summing up that little brainstorming, a "Glückskind" makes me everyone and everything that lets me feel...

... courage to take risks and do things differently.
... gratitude for small and big special moments.
... acceptance of the bad, nasty, and unpleasant (particularly difficult, I reckon).
... inspiration to put things together that do not belong together (how about coloured snow?).
... the wish to dedicate my heart's blood (another beautiful German word: "Herzblut").

So: What makes you a "Glückskind"?

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