U8 Bernauer Straße: from Berlin to South Africa

This summer, the project Kunst im Untergrund has been launched at various underground stations all over Berlin,
part of which is the station U8 Bernauer Straße:
a station all about story-telling - in language and in photographs.

The pictures by South African photographer Abrie Fourie
and the words by South African-Croatian writer Ivan Vladislavić
secretly talk to each other:

Pretoria (Fourie's home) meets Johannesburg (Vladislavić's home),
South Africa meets Berlin,
the language of the photographs meets the imagery of fiction.

Read an inspiring interview with Vladislavić in The White Review.
"When I write about the origins of my work, even with certainty, I sometimes feel the way you do when you relate a dream. As you cast it into language, you know you are bringing it across some barrier into another realm, translating it into different terms and employing different logics, which change its character. It’s a good and necessary thing, I’m sure, that the origins and procedures of writing remain mysterious, to the writer especially."

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