This weekend I have been to a newly opened bar in Neukölln
with the inspiring name Klunkerkranich
(I still wonder what the story behind the name might be - the wikipedia article didn't help)
and with the definite potential to turn into a favourite place.

convincingly charming at first sight: the Berlin panorama

The Klunkerkranich is located on top of the Neukölln-Arcaden:
just take an elevator to the fifth floor and follow the signs.

You'll find a great and green seating area where the former parking deck 
has been, turned into an urban gardening project.

Its most famous residents: a countless number of bees
(I wonder whether they plan on extracting their own honey soon?).

Aside from the breathtaking view the great bar area welcomes you with a huge sandbox, 
simple wooden benches and tables and a dance floor where they played swing music.

Drinks are affordable and they even offered some Spanish food that night
(though I am not sure whether this wasn't a one-time thing).

Later that night the stage was open to some local artists
some of them staging a fire performance
(such as Amélie from France in these pictures)

What I was truely impressed about and liked most was
how the people who run that place 
transformed this grey parking spot into a lively and magical place to meet at
with just some simple wooden constructions and a creative lighting concept
(which even extended to the restrooms).

So unless bad weather hits the city
I will definitely come back to the Klunkerkranich
(be it only for finding out more about the name).

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