Hüttenzauber @ Hüttenpalast

Hüttenzauber refers to the Alpine mountain magic you may encounter 
at some cottages (=Hütten) in Southern Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Some of that magic has been brought from those lands far far away 
to our beautiful mountain-free Berlin Neukölln:
The Hüttenpalast is a cosy café and hotel close to Hermannplatz
(Hobrechtstraße 65-66, 12047 Berlin).
It has even made it to the Guardian's list of the most unusual hotels.

The best about the place: the quiet and overgrown garden area

where you find rest and shelter when the sun shines and when it rains.

The interior is decorated with some traveller wisdom on the walls:
"The plural of caravan is caravan"

and with pictures and paintings of travel-related paraphernalia

And you will certainly not leave with an empty stomach -
special recommendation on my side:
their divine lemon tarte.

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