S1/2 Nordbahnhof


Nowadays, Berlin Nordbahnhof is a small underground S-Bahn station where S1, S2 and S25 
leave for Berlin's north and south - unlike all other (upperground) S-Bahn trains.
However, the station, already founded in 1842, used to be one of the biggest terminal stations in Berlin.
Trains left for the Baltic Sea and Poland from here, which is why, till 1950, the station was named Stettiner Bahnhof.

What I like most about Nordbahnhof is, that it is home to a great graffiti project:
Under the artistic direction of Ulrich Puritz, teacher at „Stadt-als-Schule Berlin“ (city as school Berlin), both pupils of that very school and street artists came together in 1995 to design the station's advertising spaces - under the slogan „with creativity against destruction“ (there is also an article by the Tagesspiegel on Berlin's 'artistic underground stations').

  There is, however, a certain irony in the fact, that later on the police found out, that some tags used by the sprayers as signatures were identical with others they found on graffitis elsewhere in the city.

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