night at the circus

This week I have been on my way to a friend when, in passing, I noticed this circus out of the corner of my eye. The blue lights of the silent place brought to my mind a memory of a night at the circus that I thought I had long forgotten.
Circuses were magical places to me as a child (as most presumably to almost all children before, then and now): places for a wandering imagination and exciting adventures in an enchanting world that opened up at the moment you handed over your ticket. 
Amongst these rare (costly) and intense visits there was one that was exceptional. During the first part of the evening I had seen acrobats who could walk in mid-air, a magician who bewitched the entire audience and a clown who could tell stories without end - nothing out of the ordinary and everything the mind of a child needs to make up some dreams. After the break, the entire inner circus ring was somehow filled with water, separated from the audience only by a high glass panel. Blue and green lights began to dance in the water and water lilies swam on its surface. The silence was broken only by the lapping water and some music that intensified the bewitching atmosphere. And then a huge platform arose in the middle of this enourmous swimming pool and with it some artists who then danced in, on and above the water as if weightless. 
Sadly, the memory gets blurry here, but I am happy to have captured it again with the picture of this circus and its blue and sparkling lights.

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