Rotes Rathaus


Recently I have been to the famous Red City Hall in Berlin Mitte,
which is one of the city's most popular landmarks and sometimes open to visitors.

The last time I have been inside that building lies back more than 20 years ago
when one of my relatives got married here.
So my memories were all fuzzy and blurry.

The stairs in the entrance area lead to the first floor and into a hallway
that leads into one of the big conference rooms.

On your way you pass the famous heraldic hall: 
a room decorated with beautiful glass windows
each of which frames the emblem of one of Berlin's districts (Köpenick below).

All rooms are lighted with historic lamps and chandeliers.

And at the center of the first floor there is a huge map of Berlin
that gives you an overview and some information as to the most important landmarks.

Behind these rooms open to the public lies the (now quiet and empty) coatroom.

 The Red City Hall is protected as a historic landmarc (marked by the blue sign on the left below)
and easy to find on your way from Alexanderplatz.

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